Bernie Sanders Will NOT Stand In Hillary’s Way In Her Bid To Save America From Donald Trump’s Republican Party!


The author of this column just learned of this graph upon looking at Great Britain’s Daily Mail moments ago.

Compound the fact that Jane Sanders went on Fox “News” and demanded that the Federal Bureau of Investigation continue its investigation of the former Secretary of State along with the fact that her husband had to cut staff and also armed with the knowledge that the Republican Party is Max Rebus is scared shitless that the worst case scenario for the Republican Party is about to be realized, and we can see why Bernie Sanders continues to stay in a race he cannot win.

The Sandernistas have now become so desperate that they have resorted to issuing threats against Democratic super-delegates who have pledged their support to Hillary Clinton.

The domestic terrorism has now become so bad that a Sanders supporter has been reported to  cut out the tongue of Democrat Jim McDermott, according to (

No candidate allows his supporters to engage in this type of behavior unless that candidate knows he’s going to lose.

What does Bernie Sanders have to lose, you ask?

Attention, particularly.

Bernie Sanders is a master showman, as he appeals to the leftover Hippies, with his loud voice and his wild index finger-the uncombed hair helps, as well.

There are some sensible people who have withdrawn their support and switched to Hillary Clinton due to the behavior exhibited by the Sandernistas and both Bernie and Jane Sanders.  While these people agree with Sanders with regard to how corrupt the American capitalist system is and while they agree with Sanders about the “problem” with money in American politics, those like Anne Rice, have withdrawn their support due to shady behavior of the Sanders duo and also because of the terrorist tactics of those who continue to scream about ‘revolution’.

One of the problems with this ‘revolution’ that the Sanders brigade intends to ignite is that not everyone is invited.

Revolutions are supposed to be about all of the people, but the Sandernistas never mention Americans who contribute to face discrimination at work and in academia due to their disabilities.

How many African-Americans you see in the Sanders brigade.   I doubt one can even fill Dodger Stadium, which seats 56,000, according to .

Have you ever heard Bernie Sanders propose the reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine, which Ronald Reagan repealed in 1983?  Remember that the Fairness Doctrine gave both sides of an issue equal time on the airwaves?

Those of who live in the real world know that Bernie Sanders cannot win.  What’s more, Republican leaders have feared of the consequences of a Trump nomination since July of 2015, according to the Washington Post (

With all of that being stated, it’s time to silence this insurrectionists in our midst and throw his minions into a pit.

While America is quite where it should be, all the Sandernistas will accomplish by threatening liberals is scare voters in swing states to vote for whomever the Republican presidential candidate will be….

I don’t want to think of that, either.

Since we are all armed with this knowledge, and especially since Bernie and Jane Sanders have chosen to double down instead of cooperate with the Democratic Party, it’s time to expel the candidate who has received help from the National Rifle Association  (


He’s the same candidate who has caved to the religious right with regard to civil liberties (

Do not let Bernie Sanders and his band of domestic terrorists stand in the way of change.



Bernie Sanders does not speak for the average person.

Bernie Sanders speaks for Bernie Sanders.

He knows he cannot win.

He wants his tree stump from which he can raise his varicose veined finger in

the air and complain about something he does not want to fix.

By the way, who knew that Bernie Sanders co-sponsored a bill which would put a toxic waste dump near a low-income community? (source:

The Lunatic Outpost reported on February 7, 2016 that Sanders the bill which he co-sponsored would have permitted Vermont and Maine to transfer low-level nuclear waste to a town where the average income is $8,000 and home to a large Latino population.

Sierra Blanca, Texas.

This information was confirmed by both Politifact and the Blue Nation Review.

Do you not believe that it is time to call the Democratic National Committee and demand an end to this?

Sign the petition on to evict this obstructionist from the process.  The petition is found at:

You can also call the Democratic National Committee at (202) 863-1500, write them to voice your opposition and your willingness to oust Sanders out of this process at:
DCCC, 430 S. Capitol Street, S.E. Washington, D.C. 20003    or  you can go to their website, to help destroy the Sanders candidacy before helps Donald Trump destroy America by destroying our only hope:


·Do NOT allow Bernie Sanders and his thugs to stand in Hillary Clinton’s way.

Get involved and end this obstruction, because this nation will be destroyed if Donald Trump gets into the White House, and the only way to prevent a Trump victory in November is the disqualification of Bernie Sanders now!

Words of Encouragement To Those Who Struggle With A Disability WhileFiring Back At the Berniebots

The following is yet another post I wrote on Facebook’s Liberal and Proud page.

This version is slightly different than the one which I posted on Facebook because a lot of people there pretend to be offended, so they report the comment-which isn’t nearly as bad as their responses which you report, only to get the reply: “We reviewed _________comment: ‘_________________’, and found that it doesn’t violate our standards.”

It is because of this that I must recompose this in the way it was meant to be read: with bricks in the boxing glove!

I’m not an activist-I’m a militant. This means that what we who experienced (discrimination and neglect) will be return the same treatment  sevenfold.

Those who have been abused, discriminated against,  should never believe in mercy for those who either engaged in discrimination or those who neglected to strengthen the weakest link.

To those who neglected us and to those who like to cut our hours, or get rid of us after the job coach leaves, beware whenever the next economic downturn hits, because I will encourage those who lived worse experiences than mine to neglect and plunder those who neglect us at this present time as these “Chardonnay liberals” allow the strong to plunder US.

Democrats are supposed to remember the least and plunder those who plunder others via taxation. .

We either do this correctly by getting Hillary Clinton in the White House for EIGHT YEARS or we plunder that which was taken from us, and those who have been lived under the hammer of oppression throughout the course of their lives cannot afford to live with a Jiminy Cricket following us everywhere we go.  The luxury of possessing conscience is only for a fool or one whose self-esteem has been completely destroyed mentally and spiritually destroyed I’m NOT an activist-I’m a militant.

This means that what we  who left behind by those who claim to be of the left to experience (discrimination and neglect) while they enjoyed the good life under the Obama economy will eventually see their treatment of us returned sevenfold, as Democrats are supposed to remember the least and plunder those who plunder others via taxation. .

We should not engage in mercy toward those who either engaged in discrimination or those who neglected to strengthen the weakest link because they will only take advantage of us again-and many of you have experienced that in your own lives whenever you forgive the people down the hall who trip you, call you names, or lie to you.

What happens after they say that they are sorry?

They do it again, don’t they?

To those who discriminate against us who have disabilities (especially developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injury), beware of when the next economic downturn hits.  I will tell those who lived worse experiences than mine to neglect and plunder those who neglected us and allowed the strong to plunder us.

To those who struggle with this society’s prejudice against you, while the author of this article realizes that you were taught not to retaliate or to return eye for an eye, this author understands, as this author was raised the same way.  However, there are those out there who view us as trash to be thrown out and there are others who claim to be for us , but forget about us once they have money to spend again.

All of us must register to vote and go out to vote.

Call a friend or a parent if you cannot drive and make sure that you understand your choices on the ballot, as there are evil people out there who take advantage of your kindness and your open-heart so that you will vote for what they want instead of what you need.

We either do this correctly by getting Hillary Clinton in the White House for eight years or we plunder and take that which was stolen from us, as those who have been lived under the hammer of oppression throughout the course of their lives, as those who have had their lives stolen by people who have made fun of them or beat them up cannot afford to have a conscience because the only one who has a conscience after someone stole his lunch money will only have his lunch money stolen again!

Do not  give up on your life and don’t let anyone take anything from you.

You have just as much of a right to being happy as everyone else.  Don’t let anyone take that away from you-especially on November 8, 2016.

That’s the day we all go out and vote for Hillary Clinton.

Think Of What’s At Stake This Year Before You Proclaim: ‘Bernie Or Bust’

The following was just published on the “Liberal and Proud” Facebook page.

This presidential election decides whether the United States of America continues to exist as a democracy or becomes a theocratic oligarchy.

Regardless of one’s view of Hillary Clinton, one has to admit that civil liberties are at stake this year, and this post lashed out at the Berniebots.  It is not meant for those who like Sanders, but are willing to vote for Hillary Clinton.   This article is instead aimed at those who have lashed out at true liberals and engaged in tactics which would have made Senator Joseph McCarthy (R-Wisconsin) proud.

Here are the contents of that post, and one name will be kept secret out of respect for his privacy.


Leave Us Behind and I Will Laugh At Your Ass When Your Day Comes!

What you are about to read is something I composed on Facebook’s “Liberal and Proud” page a few moments ago.


I realize that I’ve posted this at least once, but I’m going to post it again-and I really don’t care who gets annoyed or “offended” by this.
While I AM a Democrat-and a LIBERAL Democrat at that-I will also PROUDLY state (and I have looked at people right into their braindead eyes and said the following):  ” I don’t give a damn if you lose your house and I don’t care if you have to work until you’re 85. I personally hope those responsible for leaving people like my girlfriend, my niece, my brother, and I (my brother was oxygen-deprived at birth as God left the cord around his neck and he wasn’t breathing during the first moments of his life) wind up homeless or that they wind up with brain damage so severe that they have to go to the bathroom for the rest of their lives by remote control after they have a cardiac arrest at work.”
Oh, everyone wants to cry about some brainwashed so-and-so (gotta be careful with my terms these days, right? Someone’s going run to the teacher) who has traumatic brain injury because he didn’t pay attention to where he was going as he committed war crimes out in the desert while someone who struggles with a learning disability is still a prime target for teachers and peers.
By the way, I don’t cry for that idiot-I point at him and laugh in his face instead. That’s a small price to pay for believing a liar and volunteering to suit up so that he could pretend that he was Sergeant Stryker-except for the fact that Iraq was no Iwo Jima. MORE LIKE VIETNAM!
I realize that there are many here who wish that I would just shut up about this issue. Guess what? Bernie Sanders mentions nothing of this issue in the debates, but Hillary does. She mentions us. She thinks about us. The old man has only mentioned us once-and very briefly.
While Democrats believe in being inclusive, Independents (which is what Sanders really is) only think of themselves.
Why should WE (Americans with disabilities-and especially DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES) give a damn about corporate corruption and voter fraud WHEN ANSWER HAS BEEN IN YOUR HANDS THE ENTIRE TIME? WE are just trying to get a foot in the door that this hypocritical society continues to close on us-it sure would be nice IF SOME OF YOU WOULD HOLD THAT DOOR OPEN. But, do you know what I’VE learned in life?
NO ONE stands for US, not even you Chardonnay liberals. It’s people like me who have to be the Bobby Seales and Malcolm Xes of this generation so that WE can fight for OUR rights, because people are wasting their lives while the right-wing courts DO NOTHING. I have to FORCE it back open-even if it means that someone has to hold their head back with a piece of “specially-scented” toilet paper under their nose.
My enemy learns more from a bloody nose than he does from a conversation. Trust me, it works like a charm.

More Crap From The Right-Wing To For Me To Flush

If anyone thought yesterday was a box full of Ex-Lax for me to digest, wait until you read what happened today.

I was in King Soopers supermarket today when I saw the latest issue of Time magazine, which featured Ronald and Nancy Reagan, along with a caption with read: “What happened to that party?”

Upon glancing at Reagan, I said, “After everything Reagan did to the mentally ill, that bastard got what was coming to him.”

There was a woman ahead of me in line who appeared to be late sixties or early seventies, and she had the nerve to look back at me and reply.

Knowing full well what I meant, she replied, “I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.”

“Oh, yeah?  Well, after all of the discrimination I’ve faced due to my traumatic brain damage, I do.”

“Well, everyone has their own opinion,” she stated in a pathetic attempt at ending the conversation.

“Oh no, you don’t.  You right-wingers have been censoring us for decades, and now you’re going to shut up and listen.  I’m sick and tired of those who believed W., called people like me a terrorist sympathizer because our opposition to the Iraq War, and then buck for sympathy after some idiot who believed that liar in the White House got was coming to him for not paying attention to where he was driving.  I had meningitis as an infant, and all I got from your kind was that I must have been on drugs.  Yet, you coddle these killers.  Reagan cut funds for mental health programs and that traitor got what he deserve.”

“How do you know how I vote?”

“Through the course of this conversation,” I replied.

It was then that checker opened another register so that it would all end; kind of like when boxing referee, Mills Lane, would cut in between the contestants to abruptly stop the fight.

Another wonderful thing which happened today was when I commented on the price of gas, which the middle class white woman didn’t particularly appreciate, as anyone who was there could see the expression on her face.

“Damned right-wingers blamed President Obama for the price of gas and now won’t give him any credit when it’s low.”

She gave me a hateful look as she rose her passenger’s-side window, which made me smile.

While it’s OPEC which determines the price of oil, the Democrats are always blamed when gas prices hit over two dollars.

I went into my 2000 Plymouth Breeze and left that gas station.

Right-wing hypocrisy is downright treasonous, as they censor any opinion which comes from the left or simply tell them to leave the country.  Yet, these hypocrites say give the ‘everyone has a right to their opinion’ white flag when a liberal gets in his face and debunks his twisted opinion, which was based on misinformation he acquired from a media source which was bought by a right-wing terrorist years ago.

One hint I can give you is that his television station airs the longest cartoon comedy about a family which consists of an underachiever, an idiot who somehow never loses his job at the nuclear facility, an infant who has never learned to talk, and a blue-haired MILF who needs Valium.

Right-wingers who oppose social programs should either hire those who are dependent upon them and pay them enough for them enough to remain free from those very programs which they (those of the right-wing persuasion) with opportunity for advancement, or just shut up.

Right-wingers need to  admit when they’ve been exposed.

Right-wingers need to have a soul.

This is what President Lincoln wrote about liberty:
This is a world of compensations; and he who would be no slave, must consent to have no slave. Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves; and, under a just God, can not long retain it.
–April 6, 1859 Letter to Henry Pierce (source:

I am willing to listen to anyone, but there’s going to be twelve rounds the second I’m called a Communist or a terrorist sympathizer.

Fuck you.  I’ll take anyone down in an argument the moment that I’m accused as such-and I do.

A word of warning: I have anvils inside both of my Everlast boxing gloves, so it might not be a good idea to challenge someone like me, as I fight as fairly as a conservative treats rape victims and those who struggle with disabilities.

Those on the right quickly realize that there is no point no debating someone who might as well be the Floyd Mayweather, Jr. in the world of heated political debate.


Don’t like abortions?  Don’t have one.

Don’t like birth control?  Fuck her in the ass-no babies come out through there.

Don’t want college students to have sex prior to marriage?  Read the seventh chapter of 1 Corinthians and kiss my unwiped ass, as even that chapter states that it is better for them to marry than to “burn with passion.”

A conservative who has any respect for the military would want to make sure that every child, whether that child is considered to be a genius or struggles with a learning disability, has an equal chance at college-and then make sure that everyone gets there.

Remember that Thomas Edison gave us the electric light and Albert Einstein gave us the Theory of Relativity-which we now have come to realize has more applications than we first knew.

Society discarded those boys, too.

In the end, anyone who wants someone who was left behind to feel sympathy for someone whose political career consistently demonstrated his contempt for those who struggled with the mind should keep their mouths shut when one of those same people voice glee, as it’s simply the boomerang affect at work.

Should one state to himself that I lack any credibility due to the vocabulary with which that one chose to take offense, let it be known that the fact that the sources which I cited to discredit that one’s bigotry demonstrate that those like myself who choose express ourselves in such a way so as to not be arrested for what we might do otherwise, since everyone has a limit to that which they can tolerate before excuses are made and regrets are voiced, should just bow their head in obvious defeat and begin to give those whom they chose to discriminate against in the past the benefit of the doubt.

Understand and assist these people, lest misfortune impose a life sentence on those who refuse to bestow compassion and equality to those who have struggled with a developmental disability.

Remember the price Ronald Reagan paid for all he did to those who needed his help, then shudder.

Leave It To Southerners Who Don’t Want To Teach EVERYONE

Source: Leave It To Southerners Who Don’t Want To Teach EVERYONE


Leave It To Southerners Who Don’t Want To Teach EVERYONE

Does it surprise anyone that a bigot in Georgia gave an eighth grade student a “Least Likely To Pay Attention” award?

Well, leave it to ignorant Southerners to stubbornly fight scientific facts, as it’s very difficult to live with attention deficit disorder.

You feel stupid because you don’t remember things.

You are always in trouble because teachers accuse you of deliberately spacing out.

You are scorned by classmates because the teacher gives them permission to do so by example.

You are accused of being high by the police-and it’s almost always marijuana.

The funny part comes when you are the one who gets fingered for the “attitude” which you had to develop out of self-preservation.

The writer of this article remembers it all, and he fully sympathizes with the eighth grader who attends Memorial Middle School in Rockdale, County, Georgia.  It’s also no surprise that this level of discrimination happened in Georgia, as Southerners are known for their bigotry.  While former President Jimmy Carter is from Georgia, he is the exception rather than the rule. How many Georgians can say they were trained in nuclear engineering?   Well, former President Carter can.  Hence, one wonders if it is something in the water down there which keeps these idiots so bigoted or if it’s simply a matter of too many of them having engaged in the act of cousinfucking for far too long.

It is this columnist’s hope that Nicole Edwards, the girl’s mother, sues the school district and the teacher for punitive damages. It’s hard enough to live with attention deficit disorder without some klansman making it worse by making fun of you in front of the classroom.

ABC News reported on May 15 that two teachers were fired over the incident.  It’s just this columnist’s hope that the story doesn’t end here.

Anyone who makes fun of someone who has a learning disability needs to be made an example of and publicly destroyed without regard to the final consequence for the bully-and you can take that suggestion as far as you want to.

The girl who was victimized by the school system will likely spend years in therapy, and those responsible should pay the bill-even if it means their pensions are drained.  In case one might ask why she might be in psychotherapy for years over a simple case of mockery, the answer is very simple.

Children with learning disabilities often end up believing those who make fun of them.  They struggle with their self-confidence for years.  Words do hurt and some never get over what was said, but only learn how to cope with the pain so that they don’t transfer their inner-hell onto an innocent person.  Personally, it is the hope of this columnist that anyone who made fun of this girl drinks the full cup of a traumatic brain injury so that they will forever suffer the consequence of mocking the vulnerable.

The Traitor Is Always the Hypocrite

Did anyone find it strange that the party which has a hard-on for witch hunts is caught in their own web of hypocrisy-especially with respect to Russia?

The Washington Post reported on February 28 that Republicans voted against action on Trump-Russian associations.

The party which ruined the innocent lives of many people by false testimony and witch hunts continues in its hypocrisy-and I personally knew someone whose career at Lockheed was temporarily damaged by false allegations of treason.

He was allowed back in the Skunk Works after he was cleared of the false charges.

The funniest thing about that was that the man who accused my friend of being a Communist is that he died of throat cancer.

The only reason why the Republicans continue down this road is because they know that the Kansans, Texans, and the rest of the uneducated bunch snort the propaganda like cocaine.  The Republican Party frightens the uneducated out of their economic best interests, and poorly educated conservative voters buy their poison every time.

Don’t sympathize with them.  Sympathize with those whose lives are destroyed by the right-wing.

Sympathize with innocent people who are victimized by Republican budget cuts in social programs-namely the children whom they claimed had a right to life.

It is clear that the Republican Party bends over for terrorist states (observe Trump’s behavior with Saudi royalty).

It is clear that the Republican Party frightens the truly stupid into voting against their own economic interests.

It is also clear that Republican voters are so bigoted that they can’t see the blue skies of June.

Republican voters always call liberals Communists, but Republican voters continue to stand by their great white hope like a group of battered Stepford Wives.

What If?

The Huffington Post reported on May 7 of a possibility that Hillary Clinton could actually be installed as president due to Russian interference.

What would the fascists in this nation do if that happens? First, we know that all of Trump’s dictates would go down the toilet. Let’s ponder this one, however.

First, Hillary Clinton would not be President of the United States of America by default, because she won the popular vote. One can bring up the Electoral College all they want. However, we all remember the voting irregularities in Pennsylvania.

It would be a relief that Pence would not be president, he is as deep in the quicksand as Wigboy, according to the Salon story of Friday, May, 12, 2017.

It almost makes one wonder if Neil Gorsuch (who was installed as an Associate Justice with fewer than the required SIXTY VOTES IN THE SENATE) would be expelled. If so, it would be due to election fraud in Pennsylvania and other irregularities.

Politico speculated weeks prior to the election that hostile poll-watchers would swing Pennsylvania to Trump five weeks prior to the election.

What’s more, Trump told voters that there would be election fraud.

All of this points to Trump and his acts of treason prior to the election.  However, this columnist is livid with the pacifist left because their lack of initiative was also a component in this election.

What were they supposed to do?







Blackholed Sun Now in the Jesus Christ Pose

Chris Cornell, the lead singer of the bands Soundgarden and Audioslave, has died at the age of 52, according to the Seattle Times.

Cornell was one of the Seattle performers who, not only made grunge marketable, but also crossed over into heavy metal about the time that Alice In Chains had.

Both Soundgarden and Alice In Chains videos were featured on the long-running MTV show, Headbanger’s Ball in the early 1990’s, and while this columnist was not a fan of Nirvana, he loved material from Soundgarden and AIC.

Very political, Cornell also took part in movements, as he mocked Donald Trump on Trump’s home cyberturf on June 30, 2015, according to Alternative  He also contributed to the soundtrack for the 1992 movie, Singles, and also played a small role in the film.

Cornell was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2011 for Best Original Song, The Keeper, featured in the film, Machine Gun Preacher, according to the Telegraph.  He had concluded performing a show with Soundgarden Wednesday night when he was found on the floor of his hotel room and unresponsive.

MSN reports that Detroit Police are currently investigating Cornell’s death as a suicide.

So Long, American Gobbells.

The American Goebbels breathed his last and was pulled into the bowels of Gehenna earlier today, according to CNN.

The irony is that Roger Ailes rolled a pair of sevens before Justice pulled the trapdoor on the liar and sent him to Hell.

It’s also interesting that “Hell’s Bells” is playing in my office as of this moment. It’s as if a celebration is in progress. This is Ailes’ audience was the poorly educated, white, religious fools who feared others for whatever excuse they could devise at the particular time.

The reason why May 18, 2017 is a day to celebration in the world of politics is because Ailes’ lies affected the outcome of the November 2016 election.  What should have been a double-digit landslide in 2016 became close enough for the Russians to help Trump steal the White House from the Democrats-at the cost of our democracy.

This columnist only mourns the loss of human beings who tried to make Earth a better place to live for the least in any society.  However, Roger Ailes was no human being.  He was a liar from the beginning and the editor thereof.

So long, American Goebbells.


What a difference a few hours made!

Impeachment of the American Hitler became a possibility before midnight last night. However, it’s becoming more of a certainty today-the CEOs haven’t even set up today’s nooners yet!

“The danger he faces is his own party, with a growing chorus of leading Republicans who want to distance themselves from Trump because he has the smell of a wounded animal,” said Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian.

The article from the New York Times, written by Marc Fisher quoted Brinkley as stating that Trump’s greatest vulnerability comes from those within his own party who want to run away, “…because he has the smell of a wounded animal.”

These Judases must have forgotten any sense of honor that they might have had at one point in their pathetic lives, as even this columnist knows a soldier remains with his buddies until the end.

These little shits are just out for themselves.

Could it be that they are waiting for Trump to fall so that Ayatollah Mike Pence might turn America into a theocracy?

This is level of speculation might be a stretch for some, but it would also make sense when you consider what Pence did in Indiana.

Pence attacked the religious freedoms of others and he also deprived Indianans in the LGBTQ community of their civil rights.

Even Melania isn’t completely stupid, so why are there still lifeboats on the Trumptanic?

Does Anyone Care About A Traitor’s Vulnerabilities?

One knows that there’s a problem in the bunker when Paul Ryan commented the suspicion that Putin pays Trump.

While Melania stays away from her Adolf in New York City, Wigboy might be forced to do something he’s probably never had to do before: stand on his own.

It all depends on whom you consult.

Time published earlier this evening that doubts continue to swell among Republicans in Washington, D.C. while the Trump regime falls from one scandal to the next so frequently that one can practically set their Rolex as to when the next one is going to hit the news.

The Time report cited Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois), calling the Republicans, going by HIS word, “distraught.”

What other conclusion would one draw when The Hill report, which ran at 10:21 Eastern Daylight Time, stated that Jason Amash (R-Michigan) agreed Trump’s heat on James Comey would be grounds for impeachment if proven accurate?

Well, The Hill reported this evening at 11:14 Eastern Daylight Time that Trump is falling apart, according to co-writer, Tony Schwartz.

Schwartz made this statement on CNN 360,  Wednesday night.

Does anyone really care about this asshole’s self-esteem right now?  Remember that this is the same Donald Trump who made fun of someone with a developmental disability, so why should anyone give half a fuck about his vulnerabilities?

Traitors go down hard.