About Jim Rousch

Hillary Clinton delegate (2)Snapshot_2016712 (4)IMG_0044Jim Rousch is originally from the San Fernando Valley section of Los Angeles, California.

Born in June of 1970, he was stricken with meningitis as an infant and not expected to be a productive adult, due to the severity of the illness after he had survived.

Rousch was expected to live the rest of his life in a vegetative state.

He struggled with learning disabilities as well as a deaf left ear, and continues to struggle with both to this very day.

Unfounded allegations of drug abuse by law enforcement and other conservatives have made Rousch a belligerent revolutionary for people with developmental disabilities and demands justice for all or destruction for all, as he maintains that no one should be in want because of uncontrollable circumstances and that those who discriminate should face street justice.

Rousch graduated from the University of Phoenix with a degree in Psychology in 2017, played in a heavy metal band in Los Angeles, California in the 1980s, where he was a rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist, and has worked on every Democratic presidential campaign since 1992.  He has also been published since the 1990s-calling conservatives on their hypocrisy every single time.

Aside from social justice, Rousch has a passion for history and science.


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