The Alternative Facts of the Pro-Life Debacle

Members of Arapahoe and Douglas counties disabled community gathered for an ice cream social at Center Point in suburban Denver earlier this week, which made me think of the funding from which the “Party of Life” wants to siphon for the sake of the American killing machine.

Once the reader realizes that Trump has threatened to go to war after having stolen a presidential election and having mocked someone with a developmental disability, the reader of this article should ask himself two questions:

First, why is the United States threatening to start World War III if it can ill afford to fund public schools or rebuild its infrastructure?  Second, since the Republican Party has such a hard-on for the military, shouldn’t it make sure that America can replenish the war machine by seeing to it that the next generation of weapons designers score better in math and science? And if so, shouldn’t these “godly” Republicans see to it that these children who supposedly had a right to birth have the same right to adequate food so they can perform well in school?

Oh, wait! Science is fake news, isn’t it?

Jesus executed the prostitute in John 8, right?

Judas got a reprieve!
I remember it all now! Talk about your alternative facts!

How can anyone support this “right to life” debacle when they want to deny poor children food, medicine, and a safety net-and all in the Name of God?

Whose life is considered to be sacred?

Who deserves food, medicine, and a decent place to sleep so that they can perform well at school in the morning?

Conservatives usually reply that people who can’t afford children shouldn’t have them. That must mean they support abortion rights-or, at least free access to birth control. After all, 1 Corinthians 7 states that married couples must have sex so that they aren’t tempted to cheat due to their lack of self-control (1 Corinthians 7:5).

Read four verses down, and you will realize that sex is the reason to marry. That is if one is to assume that the reader claims to be a Christian.

So, let’s get down to cases. We have established the fact that God wants people to fuck (within the realm of marriage, yes) and that Christ fed the poor for free. What’s the real issue here?

How are we going to get this almighty war machine with engineers who know how to design guided missile systems, soldiers who know the difference between friend and foe, and an infrastructure that doesn’t crumble?

Didn’t Jesus tell you to pay taxes, (Matthew 22:21) and didn’t He pay taxes Himself (Matthew 17:24-27)?

I know! We’ll pray!

Why not? It worked for the Millerites, right?


Are You Happy Now?

All of you who “voted your conscience” back in November should really be proud of yourselves.

The only statement you made by wasting your vote on Jill Stein was your right to be an idiot was of more value than the civil rights of others, which is why there are some who maintain that the truly stupid ought not be allowed to vote in the same manner that drunk drivers are arrested once they’re caught-unless, of course, they happen to be cops.

The left has been successful at keeping right-wing ideologues from the Supreme Court since Ronald Reagan tried to sneak Robert Bork in 1987-that is until now.  However, Neil Gorsuch is sure to send this nation back decades with his views against people with disabilities, LBGTQ, and race relations.

You who wasted your votes on Stein voiced your brain dead view of how there is supposedly no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans, which is like saying that there is no difference between water and Clorox bleach-the smell alone tells you that there is!

Everyone knows that the Republicans hate this nation, and that’s bad enough.  However, those who of you “voted your conscience” are more to blame because your selfish political statement was of greater importance than someone else’s  civil rights.

Here Is How It Looks It Might Be

There is no doubt that the United States of America is a divided country in the year 2016.

In my working for the Democrats this year, I have seen more hatred from the right-wing than I normally do. While I don’t exclude myself in this bar brawl, I have to say any turbulent retaliation on my was and continues to be completely justified up to the present moment, as it is okay to hate anyone who hates without a reason.

When you have a political party whose agenda it is to force a ten-year-old rape victim to give birth and deny her benefits because she’s too afraid to tell anyone that her father is the one who did it, you are not dealing with human beings.

When you have a political party which encourages the bullying of a man who lives with Parkinson’s Disease, you are not dealing with human beings.

When you are dealing with a political party which threatens to destroy the global economy by threatening to throw the global economy into chaos by having this nation default on its debts, you are not dealing with human beings.

It is definitely apparent that we have two versions of America. I refuse to use the term ‘two Americas’ because there is only one America, and the people who live in this one America treat others like Americans….so much for conservatives.

Let the reader see the two electoral maps from and the reader will observe that, while the election is a squeaker, there’s still a chance that America will be saved from a theocratic fascist regime that Donald Trump WILL establish IF this election is stolen.

This map shows the 2016 Presidential race as it currently stands.

Click the map to create your own at

This map shows the possible outcome of the election.

Click the map to create your own at

America is already great, but Donald Trump will transform 21st Century America into the image of 1930s Germany, and you don’t want that.  My advice for anyone who doesn’t like the idea of social justice being exercised in the so-called ‘land of the free’ should get the fuck out of my country.