Think Of What’s At Stake This Year Before You Proclaim: ‘Bernie Or Bust’

The following was just published on the “Liberal and Proud” Facebook page.

This presidential election decides whether the United States of America continues to exist as a democracy or becomes a theocratic oligarchy.

Regardless of one’s view of Hillary Clinton, one has to admit that civil liberties are at stake this year, and this post lashed out at the Berniebots.  It is not meant for those who like Sanders, but are willing to vote for Hillary Clinton.   This article is instead aimed at those who have lashed out at true liberals and engaged in tactics which would have made Senator Joseph McCarthy (R-Wisconsin) proud.

Here are the contents of that post, and one name will be kept secret out of respect for his privacy.


Don’t Give Up! Work, But Demand An Equal Chance!

To all of whom have decided to follow me, I humbly thank you.  However, this is not truly about myself.

It seems to me that many who read my submissions either know someone who has a developmental disability or deal with the consequences of the same themselves.  Not only is there the disability itself, but the stigmas which this society places upon the particular conditions.

American society is often more subtle in its prejudice, as many Americans ask stupid questions in order to shift the blame on the victims of blatant discrimination.  Some of these insulting questions which we are asked are:

“How come you just can’t get it together?”

“Can’t you pay attention?”

“Will you hurry up, please?”

“What’s wrong with (him, her)?”

“You seem smart enough, so why can’t you keep a job?  Do you just want to get free money from the government?”

Do you think I should higher taxes just so you can get a handout?

Why don’t you want to work, like everyone else?

Why can’t you stay out of trouble?  Do you think that the laws don’t apply to you?

What did your parents do to offend God, that you were born with this problem?

The ignorant statements are even worse:

“Try harder!”

“You can do it if you really apply yourself.”

“Sounds like a liberal excuse to me (My uncle actually said this to my face)!”

Here’s the one which makes despise the right-wing as much as I do-just watch these:

GOP Congressman: The Disabled are a Drain on Society

Rand Paul on the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer

Okay, so Rand Paul suggested local solutions to discrimination against people with
disabilities in that , so why didn’t small towns in red states do the right thing?  It is ironic
that I’m about to show you what  President George H.W. Bush, although I know now, as he
did then, that Bush knew that the Democratic Senate would have easily overridden his
veto-along with the fact that 1990 was a midterm election year.

George H.W. Bush signs Americans with Disabilites Act

What does the current Republican Party want to do with this landmark civil rights
Read Rachel Maddow’s assertion on the matter with reagard to the current Republican

Would the ADA pass today?Would the ADA pass today?
Now, here is a video which should clear up any confusion anyone might have about what is
considered a reasonable accommodation.

ADA Title I: Reasonable Accommodations

Republicans admit that they take their marching orders from Rush Limbaugh, according to
the March 10, 2009 from CBS News.
Rush Limbaugh: Republican Party Leader?
Well, here’s what this addict of oxycodon said about Michael J. Fox, who suffers from
Parkinson’s Disease.

Rush Limbaugh makes fun of Michael J. Fox, who suffers from Parkinson’s Disease

Worse, Republicans admit that they act in accordance to whatever this bigot tells them to do.
It is time for those who struggle with disabilies and the families who have a child or young
adult who struggles with acquiring an education or struggles with acquiring a full-time job
with benefits so that they can leave their parents and experience the full potential of their

Petitions, legislation, public awareness campaigns, and public demonstrations have
been demonstrated practically no results, as the American Psychological Association
states that it is harder for us to find employment (sources: Fact sheet disability
(  That being stated,
there is only one thing left, and most who read this will vehemently oppose this, but
there is no longer any alternative.

It’s time to take the advice of Malcolm X and the Black Panthers:

By Any Means Necessary

Black Panthers’ Ten Point Program from chapel history.  Click on YouTube link.

We must adopt The Ten Point Plan, as this also applies to us, and we must do it as Malcolm X instructed us.

Another reason why we no longer have any choice is due to the statistics of police brutality
which continue to occur, not just in the black population, but also in our own population, as our population continues to suffer the same results from bigotry in this “free” country, as well as from police brutality.


Leave Us Behind and I Will Laugh At Your Ass When Your Day Comes!

What you are about to read is something I composed on Facebook’s “Liberal and Proud” page a few moments ago.


I realize that I’ve posted this at least once, but I’m going to post it again-and I really don’t care who gets annoyed or “offended” by this.
While I AM a Democrat-and a LIBERAL Democrat at that-I will also PROUDLY state (and I have looked at people right into their braindead eyes and said the following):  ” I don’t give a damn if you lose your house and I don’t care if you have to work until you’re 85. I personally hope those responsible for leaving people like my girlfriend, my niece, my brother, and I (my brother was oxygen-deprived at birth as God left the cord around his neck and he wasn’t breathing during the first moments of his life) wind up homeless or that they wind up with brain damage so severe that they have to go to the bathroom for the rest of their lives by remote control after they have a cardiac arrest at work.”
Oh, everyone wants to cry about some brainwashed so-and-so (gotta be careful with my terms these days, right? Someone’s going run to the teacher) who has traumatic brain injury because he didn’t pay attention to where he was going as he committed war crimes out in the desert while someone who struggles with a learning disability is still a prime target for teachers and peers.
By the way, I don’t cry for that idiot-I point at him and laugh in his face instead. That’s a small price to pay for believing a liar and volunteering to suit up so that he could pretend that he was Sergeant Stryker-except for the fact that Iraq was no Iwo Jima. MORE LIKE VIETNAM!
I realize that there are many here who wish that I would just shut up about this issue. Guess what? Bernie Sanders mentions nothing of this issue in the debates, but Hillary does. She mentions us. She thinks about us. The old man has only mentioned us once-and very briefly.
While Democrats believe in being inclusive, Independents (which is what Sanders really is) only think of themselves.
Why should WE (Americans with disabilities-and especially DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES) give a damn about corporate corruption and voter fraud WHEN ANSWER HAS BEEN IN YOUR HANDS THE ENTIRE TIME? WE are just trying to get a foot in the door that this hypocritical society continues to close on us-it sure would be nice IF SOME OF YOU WOULD HOLD THAT DOOR OPEN. But, do you know what I’VE learned in life?
NO ONE stands for US, not even you Chardonnay liberals. It’s people like me who have to be the Bobby Seales and Malcolm Xes of this generation so that WE can fight for OUR rights, because people are wasting their lives while the right-wing courts DO NOTHING. I have to FORCE it back open-even if it means that someone has to hold their head back with a piece of “specially-scented” toilet paper under their nose.
My enemy learns more from a bloody nose than he does from a conversation. Trust me, it works like a charm.

Stop It!

I’m not just a Hillary supporter…..
Hillary Clinton delegate (2)
I’m also a delegate.
I was there from the beginning.

After having to deal with a very nasty exchange on Facebook last night, the following is a little something for anyone who threatens to never vote Democratic ever again. I will blow off some steam first, but I will eventually return to base.

It has been well established by both the commercial media and the progressive media (Daily Kos and the like) that the Democratic National Committee continues to catch Bernie Sanders red-handed stealing data, manipulating facts (as well as elections), and lying about his rival. He has demonstrated a willingness to cave to the religious right on social issues.

Yes, he has said that, and those who choose not to believe the fact are invited to read this article from Bloomberg.…/bernie-sanders-says-he-d-let-rel…

Senator Sanders has no platform on which to complain about the issue of the electoral process when he continues to get caught in manipulation and theft. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

“I guess “winning” means doing something wrong, throwing a temper-tantrum, and black-mailing the DNC with a lawsuit, a lawsuit meant to turn your supporters further against Hillary due to the implication of a conspiracy theory between Hillary and the DNC. I hope Hillary calls out Bernie for using a conspiracy theory to yet again impugn her integrity.

Why hasn’t Bernie personally apologized for his campaign? He should have done so yesterday morning.” (source:…/-Disappointingly-Bernie-Sanders-i…)

Hillary Clinton is going to be the nominee and no one is going anywhere, so just stop it. Either anyone who spouts that threat neglects to consider the dire consequences or simply doesn’t care about anyone else-which doesn’t make someone like that much of a liberal.

The following is not addressed to all of Sanders’ supporters, as it’s nice to know that there are some who assert that they will back either candidate, regardless of the outcome at the convention because that is exactly how it should be.

I was livid when I realized that Jerry Brown wouldn’t get the Democratic nomination back in 1992.

I believe those who state that because they don’t respond with the anger which Sanders has spread through out his ranks. While they may be angry at the political system, they realize that crying and taking their marbles home only helps the Republicans.


Again, this is only for the ones who state that they intend to vote for Sanders up to the point of writing him in this November:

Stop threatening, stop whining, and just get behind the future President-elect Clinton because one who threatens to change their registration to Independent demonstrates what (not who) that person truly is.


Let’s stop this crap which only keeps the Republicans from going down for the count and let’s just do this.

Yes, I’ve posted truly hostile posts and responses, but I have only done that when the fanatics doubted the degree of my liberalism.

Anyone who doubts the degree of my liberalism will be shown proof and “responded” off-and I really don’t care to be accused of bragging, as I was last night on Facebook. I blocked the one who did that because I knew it was only going to get worse from there.

A friend of mine once gave me great advice:

“We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

-In the Continental Congress just before signing
the Declaration of Independence, 1776.

Now, before any parties allied with the opponent believe that they can make outrageous allegations with regard to Hillary Clinton or her supporters such as myself, I will kindly ask them who choose to engage in said tactic to please not copy and paste this post if we fire a ballistic response, as we reserve the right to defend both ourselves and our candidate just as much as you have the right to defend both yourselves and your candidate. However, let it be understood that one who chooses to engage in this should consider the possibility of a virtual nuclear exchange-and none of us want that.

Our focus should be on the enemy, not each other. I read that from many a Bernie supporter, but it would be nice if those who compose such a post chastise a fellow Sanders supporter who engages in muckraking to stop. I realize that some will, but many will not.

Yes, I fire nuclear missiles. I admit that, but let’s save our nuclear weapons on those who want to take our rights away before we’re too tired to fight them. I would rather nuke our enemy. I hope that Sanders’ supporters feel the same way.

Notice that I used the word, supporters not Berniebots-there’s a difference.

Let’s destroy the Republicans for good before they do the same to us, but let it also be known that any allegation will generate a similar response. This may seem like a good idea at a certain moment in time, but think of a hockey team which has has to deal with a five-on-three situation because two of their players have to serve five minutes in the penalty box for fighting.

Guess what? We are that hockey team!